Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tune Yards "Es-so" & Dirty projectors/Bjork "When the world has come to an end"

This Tune Yards album is slowly sneaking into my brain and reverberating throughout my blood stream. There is a heavy tribal sense of community that exists within this band on a whole. With songs like "Es-so" it's undeniable that you're gonna be tapping your feet all over your house like an over caffeinated Cosmo Kramer on two hours of sleep. It's sporadic and stressful guitar chords married to the wide vocal range that occurs throughout the track makes for a funky thought provoking piece of music. The vocal patterns ring within the same bell of the Dirty Projectors/Bjork song "When the world comes to an end". Not nearly as impressive though, D.P. has their shit dialed in vocally. Below are both tracks, enjoy. (Keep in mind that the Dirty Projectors track is live so those vocals are all in real time!)

Tune Yards - "Es-so"

Dirty Projectors
When the world comes to an end

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