Monday, May 23, 2011

COOLRUNNINGS "Thunderbirds"

If you don't think that this song is the most badass thing you've heard all year long, then there is something seriously wrong with your ears. All the guitar work, married into the tribal drum beats, all lifting up some extra sexy dance-off-pants-off vocals, seem to form some pretty dope fighting montage imagery inside my noggin. Do yourself a favor and buy this god damn album, it's only five beans and it's better than most of the bullshit that comes out on Capitol records. OK, enough blabbering, press play, but make sure to clear everything out of your room real quick for some dancing space, shit's about to get pretty awesome!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bibio "Jealous of Roses"

My hommie Tommy B shot this jam over to me the other day. It definitely makes me want to grow a mustache and spray a room full of topless babes with the bubbliest of champagne in slow motion. Give it a spin it's definitely the goods.

Bibio Jealous of Roses

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monster Rally "Surf Erie"

Monster Rally just dropped this track the other day. Hmm I wonder if I'm gonna like it. I mean it is called "Surf Erie" and I am the most predictable mother fucker on planet earth. So as long as it's got a hang-ten vibe with a wierdo twist then I'm prolly gonna be pretty hap...... you know what let me just press play and see how it soun...... Oh yeah this is pretty fuckin dope, yup I'm huge fan. Surprise, surprise.

Monster Rally Surf Erie

Monday, May 16, 2011

Smith Westerns in a Tommy Hilfiger commercial?!?!

OK, so it's no big secret that I have like the raggingest music boner for these kids. They shred, they're young, and they seriously don't give a fuck. So when my friend Sara sent me the new Tommy Hilfiger ad that features their way too catchy, way too awesome song, "Weekend" I had mixed feelings. Let's face it, to say that a band sells out anymore is just way too 90's of a statement. If some shit-head, butt-fucking corporation wants to give a few kids way too much "life experience" money, then they'd either have to be; fucking retarded or from the planet 1993 to not take it. But, god fucking dammit, why oh why did it have to be Tommy Hilfiger? I mean shit, they're the poster child for billionaire red-neck scum, everything they've ever represented is the exact opposite of fashion. It's like if Jeff Foxworthy decided that he really felt like he had a knack for throwing champagne brunches at the Beverly. I'm not saying I wouldn't go but the idea is just a little too absurd to even fathom. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming Smith Westerns, I'm just saying it could have been any other company outside of Wallmart and I would have been a thousand times happier about it. But whatever, fuck it, at least these kids will have 3 years worth of drug money to get through their early 20's. Good job boys!!!

Smith Western Weekend

Friday, May 6, 2011

Odd Future "Tron Cat" MP3 & "Analog" Footage

"I said fuck coke and now I'm snortin Hitlers ashes" God damn it these kids wont stop. Below is Tyler's new song "Tron Cat" and it's crazy fucked up and pretty dope. I mean he says that he fucks dolphins and, of course, my favorite line, "Evident that I'm the shit, I'm the Pooh like Tigger dick" Also check out this new BBC footage of a new love song? Yup a fucking love song, about going on a picnic...... So gangster!

Tyler, the Creator - Tron Cat by Wave of Sounds

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tyler the creator (Odd Future)

There's something so dark and fun and scary that sits in this kids eyes. When I saw that Yours Truly got a hold of Tyler for an interview I kinda couldn't believe it. Tyler's hyper active depression linked with his out of control sense of humor puts the listener in some sort of rage cage where they are forced to fend for themselves in an audible death match. The fact that they got him to sit still for more than 30 seconds is pretty surprising. And the very genuine and genius shit that comes out of this kids mouth is even more impressive. "Got all the black bitches mad cause main bitch vanilla she tryin to get her groove back like Stella" Presents: Tyler, the Creator from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bibio "K is for Kelson" MP3/ Tom and Adam's awesome set great songs @Bluefoot tonight!

The sunshine is on blast today which means this jam will be on repeat in my headphones and my skateboard will be overly utilized. Bibio can't really fail when it comes to pumping out the audible good times. I heard that DJ Tommy B (who definitely is not a dick-sucker) is gonna spin this jam at the Bluefoot tonight. So I'll see you kids there.

Bibio K is for Kelson

And just for fun here's an oldie but greaty

Bibio Lovers' Cravings

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beach Fossils @ Soda Bar Monday Night!!!!

Hey Kids I'm pretty amped up for tomorrow night. One of my all time favorite bands is playing our local Drinking hole, Soda Bar. Pump up your beach balls and water wings and get ready to hang ten through a wave of Fernet cause tomorrow nights gonna rule. See you groms at the Soda Bar.
PS. check out this rad photo I found from when they played down here last time at Bar Pink!