Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girls "Myma" (Umm it's kinda the business)

I always like to think that I've, "out grown" the sad bastard songs. I amuse myself with the thought of moving past the stages of reveling in the depths of self pity, and to be fair to the current, "not so sixteen" version of myself, the appreciation for such self loathing content has become less and less relate-able... This is not to say that I don't appreciate the truth that lies within heartache and loss, in fact, it's quite the opposite. I am much more selective in my jaded and, "over it" perspective. The outcome is that when one of these, downer jams, slips through the filters, it hits harder than ever, and let me tell you, this song aches with the realness. To be honest, this album on a whole, (which isn't supposed to drop for a few weeks and can be downloaded by clicking here... oops never mind it got taken down) is full of undeniable truths, and at the very least, chuck full of super-conscious musings... OK, enough babel, just listen and don't forget. "It's so hard to feel so all alone and so far, so far away from home, and you Myma..."

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mrs. Magician - "Prescription Vision"

Mrs. Magician is one of my favorite things going on in this little town. I'm more than stoked to see that these kids got signed to a label. Check out this little ditty, it'll get your feet tapping for sure. The "Wipe-out" drum sections coupled up with those subtle surfy guitar bends could bring the sun out at 2 in the morning. Rumor has it that these sandy toed kids are gonna be recording some heat in October which I'm pretty stoked on. Alright enough talking press that play button and go to the beach!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Many Wizards "Best Friends" (Video)

Yesterday the new So many Wizards video dropped and I gotta say as simple as it is, I kinda love it. This song is already on the top of my list. With it's wispy triangular harmonies and endless instrumental layers it's kind of hard not to be on a good one when this is flowing through your head. I like the concept of death being your best friend/lover, and this girl is all the hot. peep the goods below.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Charles Bradley "The World (is going up in flames)" Listen now!!!!!!!!

Charles Bradley's face may look more tore back than a ripped up tool shed, but who gives a flying fuck, when he can still belt out the Motown pain to a generation stuck on 120 b.p.m.'s? It's the very narrow and constantly fleeting group of aged musical wizards who are the exception to the saying, "Only the good die young", cause sometimes, every now and then, the good gets old as fuck and keeps doin what they've been doin, and anyone within earshot reaps the benefits of their actions. That is, if they still know how to hear the good things. This song is a prime example.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Primitive Noyes (Tonight at Tin Can)

Tonight the air inside tin can should be saturated with a wall of drone and melancholic drenched vocals. Primitive Noyse will be laying it down thick and I can't wait. the shows only 3 beans so you can either gas up your moped or watch these kids hammer out the sounds. see you kids tonight.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Best Coast "Our Deal" (New Video, Dir. by Drew Barrymore! pretty fucking dope!!!)

I was just obsessing about how god damn good this song is last night. Only to wake up to Drew Barrymore's directed video of "Our Deal" that was released this morning. It's insanely awesome Warriors concept; filled with gang battles, over the top cheesy plot lines, and a grip of hooligans decked out in gear that I wish was filling my closet at this very moment, is way too good. Not to mention, Don Glover and home girl who plays Maybe on Arrested Development have a cameo which is never a mistake cause those kids are beyond amazing. Oh yeah, and Chloë Moretz stars in this epic gang-beef/love story. To call Chloë, in that wolf pack jacket and amazing blond swoop, a heart breaker, is a drastic understatement. That girl is the hottest hood-rat on either side of the train tracks. Ultimate dibs!

Monday, August 1, 2011

The War On Drugs "Come to the city"

Layers, filters, layers, filters, layers, filters....... This video is everything I love. Every shot looks like a moving 70's snap-shot. Obviously the video was put together by the cats over at Urban Outfitters, suprise suprise. This album needs to drop already I've been waiting forever and ever and ever.... OK not that long but shit, give it to me already.

The War on Drugs - "Come to the City" (Official Music Video) from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

The Martinis "Hung Over"

I figure since last night I drank like 30 shots of Fire Ball and pounded Dos Equis until I became, "The most uninteresting man in the world", that this jam was an appropriate anthem for the start of my day. If you're in any condition like I was this morning tap that lil play button and double fist some water, your day'll be groovin right along.