Thursday, September 29, 2011

TV Girl "Girls like me"

God damn-it, these kids are too good. Of course their gonna cover "girls like me" and of course it's gonna be even poppier than the original and of course I'm gonna be humming this shit for like the next two weeks. Seriously though I love this re-make, it's awesome! Cruise over to I.G.I.F.'s label Small Plates to pick up the 7", the first 150 get a gold vinyl! Long live San Diego music, another win for SD!

Girls Like Me by TV Girl

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girls "Honey Bunny" (Video)

Girls front-man Christopher Owens is such a string bean. This video's pretty awesome cause it's just him being skinny as shit running around town (half high and half coming down). When this song first came out it was pretty much my theme song, mostly because of this line

"I've been messing with so many girls
who could give a damn about who I am
They don't like my boney body
They don't like my dirty hair
or the stuff that I say
or the stuff that I'm on"

Outside of the "boney body" bit that is,I had that shit on repeat for the better half of a month. Anywho peep the goods below and dibbs on the blond chick she's hella bangin'.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Youth Lagoon "Montana" (Video)

This kid has been haunting me for the last couple weeks. Ever since I saw him perform at Tin Can things have shifted a little bit. There's definitely a formula to this boys music. The beginning of every song he makes, creeps in from the bottom like a fog and then all of a sudden you're surrounded and there's nothing but music. You're covered from head to toe in whatever the fuck it is that this kid wants you to feel. I'm so excited for artists like this. I feel like you can just tell that they have no idea how to anything on planet earth except for how to be 100% genuine in all that they do. I'm usually not into U.S. war bullshit, but this video is a different story. The way that Father and son bleed together until finally everyone's crazy (including the viewer), that concept is right up my ally. Not to mention that this video begs for guns and a grip of overly saturated shots of intensely stressful situations. I can't wait for this guy to make a thousand albums, cause I've been surviving off like 8 of his songs for the last 3 weeks.

Youth Lagoon - Montana from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

Lana Del Ray "Video Games" (Video)

I've slowly become obsessed with this track. It reminds me of when Paul Thomas Anderson brought on Aimee Man to create the soundtrack for Magnolia. I remember watching that movie as a kid and hearing her remake of "One" and being floored. Lana Del Ray conjures up the same form of musical drama with a devastatingly intense cadence. Below is her newish video for "Video Games" and just for fun that Aimee Man remake is in here too, mashed up with a Magnolia preview. Cause it's seriously one of the dopest movies ever made... Oh yeah, and can we talk about those D.S.L.'s on Lana?!?!? "Holy shit girl, What time you get off work!"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sleeper Agent @ Che Cafe tomorrow night!!

I'm pretty interested in this show tomorrow night. I've spun through their album quite a few times. Right off the bat The Hives came to mind, then a hint of The Black Lips started to surface and I even got a little bit of a Fiery Furnaces vibe. Needless to say that this show tomorrow is gonna be pretty dope. So get your ass over to the Che and I'll see you kids there. Here's a lil preview, I can't get this tune outta my brain. Oh yeah and dibs on home girl she's fly as fuck.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Caveman "Greatlife" Dope ass performance

OK, I know that I constantly say that shit's "The best thing ever" but whatever, fuck you guys, shit's pretty cool. I happen to appreciate the good stuff, possibly more than most other people. I think it's a waste of fucking time to bitch about how shitty everyone's life is, cause everyone's life is fucking shitty as shit, let's not fool ourselves...... That being said, this caveman performance is THE BEST SHIT EVER! There's like 10 drummers in this fucking band and my favorite part is that for the first whole minute of this song your gonna be like "Fuck you Dominic this song's like, whatever" and then all the drums are gonna kick in and you're gonna be all "Oops my bad Dom that shit was the fuckin shit I'm gonna watch it like 30 more times" OK anyways just watch the goddamn video, and you're welcome.

Caveman "Great Life" is from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Yellow Ostrich - WHALE (Official video)

I just Got an email from Y.O. this morning of the first ever official Yellow Ostrich music video. It's pretty dope, and a lil stressful. You'll see what i mean. I know it's a ways off but this kid will be playing with the Naked and Famous at the Belly up tavern in Solana Beach on Nov. 9th. Tickets aren't on sale yet but here's some info I dug up. Also there's a good chance that Ra Ra Riot will be performing as well, considering the tour that they're both on. OK peep the goods below.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Surf Club - "BB" & "It's Life"

OK so when I first saw that there was a band called Surf Club, I was like, "What kinda riddin the surf rock train, bullshit, type of name is Surf Club?" then I saw that they were from Stockton and it instantly became like the funniest shit ever. These guys kinda fuckin rule, especially since the funnest thing to do in Stockton is get the fuck out of Stockton. I know cause I used to live in Sacramento, and Sacramento is like fuckin Vegas compared to Stockton and Sacramento is like Stockton compared to San Diego. OK you get where I'm going with this. Just listen to these singles and Download them and share them with your friends cause the shit's pretty dope.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Uderground Rebel Bingo Club (Hommie hook up on tickets for the next 48 hrs, this shit is gonna be crazy!!)!

So a couple weeks ago I was approached by what first seemed to be a very shady operation. After some minor research and a few questions.... Well let's just say that said "operation" looks like a one way ticket to hell, but the cool kind of trip to hell. The kind where you get to be a fucking rock star, and fly first class and bang like whoever you want and buy houses whenever you get bored, and wear t-shirts and ripped up jeans into billion dollar hotels and get 5 star treatment. Though I'm still not 100% on what The Underground Rebel Bingo Club fully is, I'm more than confident that it's fuckin crazy and beyond a good time. September the 21st is the first time that the URBC will be visiting San Diego at an unnamed location (keep it secret keep it safe) and the shits already blown up In New York, L.A., and London. I was told that I can post a discount ticket price for all my blog hommies for the next 48 hrs. and then I gotta take down this post. If you get your tickets in the next 2 days by clicking here then you only gotta pay 5 bones. That's the price of a subway foot long. So you can either eat a soggy ass cold-cut-trio or party your fucking dick off, it's up to you. Below are some videos from this same event in other city's.

Sorry I Party!

Underground Rebel Bingo from Tom Grundy on Vimeo.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club from Rebel Bingo on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

TV Girl, and Youth Lagoon (Tomorrow night at tin can ale house!)

Hey kids, I'm pretty stoked for tomorrow night. Youth Lagoon will be gracing us with their echo'y, pained, and beautifully crafted presence. Also, TV Girl will be puttin your feet in permanent tap mode. I'm serious, have you heard the new shit? It's really good. I mean like it's super good. It's super hella crazy good. It's like.... Well fuck it, just listen for yourself (this video is pretty dope too).

TV Girl - Baby You Were There from TV Girl on Vimeo.

Also here's a preview of Youth Lagoon, just incase you've been missing out

Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Hondo - "Mexican Rock n Roll"

So the other day these kids threw me their self titled 6 song EP, and I gotta say it's pretty dope. The Guitar work fits very evenly into the percussion. The intensely exaggerated vocal tones definitely stand on a plane of their own. The last song titled "Mexican Rock n' Roll" has some pretty rad jittery guitar work that reminds me of early Electrelane, and anyone who's read anything I've written knows that I believe Electrelane to be the dopest band to ever rock in the whole effing world. Below is the last track from Black Hondo's EP give it a whirl.

Black Hondo "Mexican Rock n' Roll"