Sunday, September 25, 2011

Youth Lagoon "Montana" (Video)

This kid has been haunting me for the last couple weeks. Ever since I saw him perform at Tin Can things have shifted a little bit. There's definitely a formula to this boys music. The beginning of every song he makes, creeps in from the bottom like a fog and then all of a sudden you're surrounded and there's nothing but music. You're covered from head to toe in whatever the fuck it is that this kid wants you to feel. I'm so excited for artists like this. I feel like you can just tell that they have no idea how to anything on planet earth except for how to be 100% genuine in all that they do. I'm usually not into U.S. war bullshit, but this video is a different story. The way that Father and son bleed together until finally everyone's crazy (including the viewer), that concept is right up my ally. Not to mention that this video begs for guns and a grip of overly saturated shots of intensely stressful situations. I can't wait for this guy to make a thousand albums, cause I've been surviving off like 8 of his songs for the last 3 weeks.

Youth Lagoon - Montana from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.


  1. That was the most real thing i have heard/felt in along time. This kid definitely got my attention in little under 5 min.

  2. Right?! I grabbed this compact disc at the TC, and it's been on steady roto since. 'Afternoon' and 'Cannons' are my faves. Rumor has it they're coming to Casbah in November...stoked!

  3. Pretty much the most awesome thing I've heard in a grip of time. So stoked. I'm stuck in a fuggn kangaroo pouch over here and half these beautiful sounds "cannot be reached in my area" because Australia is still owned by people like Julian Gilliard...that crazy carbon loving cougar. Anyway, I digress, shits cool bro.