Thursday, May 31, 2012

Childish Gambino Feat. Beck "Silk Pillow"

It seems like everyday Childish leaks a new jam from his upcoming mixtape. I didn't see this track coming at all. It starts with Beck doing a spoken word of sorts then Gambino pops in to drop a few wit marinated bars,"sippin' on some whiskey, these bitches drinkin' kombucha?", nuff said. The beat itself is pretty mellow tempo-ed, but it hits harder than a freight train, even with it's flute section. Peep the business below, it's pretty rad.    

Childish Gambino  Silk Pillow

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ILLLS "Teeth"

I just stumbled on this dope ass ILLLS jam. It's somewhere in between an Animal Collective track (prolly something off of strawberry jam) and a Young Buffalo song (like a slower version of their track Catapilah). That being said this song is the fucking business! Peep the goods below. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phédre "Aphrodie" (Video)

I'm pretty obsessed with this jam. It's fuckin epic. The Video is creepy and cool too, but this tune fucking owns. click play and dance yourself clean.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Odd Future "Oldie" (Video)


No doubt Odd Future is still my favorite shit, I was a little worried after "Sandwiches" and Tyler's track "Yonkers", that they might have hit their peak. These kids are, for sure, changing the rap scene. This new shit's constantly challenging the game and keeping older cat's on their toes. "What the fuck are these kids gonna do next?". This 10 minute track coupled with the simple footage is genius. All that can be seen is stellar youth at it's pinnacle. These kids can't be stopped and are coming at the scene in full force. Oh yeah and, surprise, Frank Ocean can rap too?! What the fuck? The future is odd and a real thing to be shaped. Thank god for these kids, for dropping a bomb onto the rap community.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Giovanni James "Shining"

It's been unbelievably long since I've had anything that even resembles sex. I'm thinking about donating my dick to science. I don't know what they'd do with it but they'd probably get more use out of it than I would.... Anyways that being said if I do happen to stumble into some form of sexual activity in the near future, I'm saving this song for the morning after. I'm gonna play it on repeat and skip around town like a gay unicorn on rollerblades that just found out his new college dorm mate is a fucking carebear..... Just hit play you'll know what I'm talking about

Thursday, May 24, 2012

James Murphy "ten songs that saved your life" (a 15 song playlist)

There's no doubt that when I grow up, even older than I am now that is, that I want to be James Murphy. I hope to be in the best dance band of all time, play a sold out show in Madison Square Garden and then quit at my peak only to go on to live a life of GQ interviews and endless kick-ass DJ gigs with the occasional Podcast interview, where I could make even the biggest music nerds feel like blockheads due to my out of this world obsession for music knowledge. Murphy is a wizard in world of court jesters. Below is a 15 song playlist that James made for a website called 10 songs that saved your life. It's my favorite thing right now. Enjoy.  

01. JONATHAN RICHMAN i’m straight
02. SUICIDE cheree
03. THE FALL paintwork
04. THE RAPTURE house of jealous lovers
05. CAN i’m so green
06. LEONARD COHEN famous blue raincoat
07. DAVID BOWIE fame
08. A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS space age love song
10. NYCC CHOIR stand on the word
11. LOOSE JOINTS is it all over my face
12. BIRTHDAY PARTY nick the stripper
13. THE BEATLES tomorrow never knows
14. KRAFTWERK computer world
15. ROBERTA FLACK the first time ever i saw your face

Beat Connection "The Palace Garden, 4am"

I've been having, quite literally speaking, the most out of this world dreams. The night after the solar eclipse we had last week I dreamt that I woke up on the moon. The sun was behind me casting my shadow onto a huge portion of the earth. After this I ran around and floated all over the place. I wish that this song was released like four days earlier cause I'm pretty sure that it would have made the perfect soundtrack for that lucid experience.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Teen Daze "Treten" (Video)

I feel like there's a certain sadness that comes along with the dance scene, and I mean this in a very real, almost complimentary way. There's something to be said for repetitive beats that can force you to feel way too much or nothing at all. I've been diving into this teen daze stuff a little harder recently and this track in particular sends out a longing wishful vibe. It makes me want to roll around under the covers with the prettiest girl I've ever met and not leave the house for two days...

Silver Firs "Away We Go"

It's been so many months since I've posted anything. Well guess who finally stopped living in a fucking cave and acquired the god damn google machine?... This ass hole, right here. I'm really excited to drop this jam on you kids right now. It starts out with a twangy little ditty then, slowly, echoing drums start to fade in followed by cooing layered vocals that almost give off a trance type emotion. Until you're pretty much immersed in this awesome jam that makes me either want to sail through a horrific storm only to find a beautiful untouched island, or take mushrooms in my living room and pretend that that whole island thing is happening....  

Silver Firs Away We Go