Thursday, May 24, 2012

James Murphy "ten songs that saved your life" (a 15 song playlist)

There's no doubt that when I grow up, even older than I am now that is, that I want to be James Murphy. I hope to be in the best dance band of all time, play a sold out show in Madison Square Garden and then quit at my peak only to go on to live a life of GQ interviews and endless kick-ass DJ gigs with the occasional Podcast interview, where I could make even the biggest music nerds feel like blockheads due to my out of this world obsession for music knowledge. Murphy is a wizard in world of court jesters. Below is a 15 song playlist that James made for a website called 10 songs that saved your life. It's my favorite thing right now. Enjoy.  

01. JONATHAN RICHMAN i’m straight
02. SUICIDE cheree
03. THE FALL paintwork
04. THE RAPTURE house of jealous lovers
05. CAN i’m so green
06. LEONARD COHEN famous blue raincoat
07. DAVID BOWIE fame
08. A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS space age love song
10. NYCC CHOIR stand on the word
11. LOOSE JOINTS is it all over my face
12. BIRTHDAY PARTY nick the stripper
13. THE BEATLES tomorrow never knows
14. KRAFTWERK computer world
15. ROBERTA FLACK the first time ever i saw your face

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