Friday, December 13, 2013

Ether Teeth - "Autumn Sky"

I've been waiting for a song like this for quite a while now. Something to get lost in. A song to plug my headphones into that is filled with perfect whining guitars and insanely echoed vocals. A sound to fill my head with to drown out the rest of the world. I just found my new obsession. I can't wait for this song to end so I can start it over....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rodrigo Amarante "Mon Nom" (Stream)

Little Joy's Guitarist, Rodrigo Amarante, Just released his new album. After giving it a full listen it's completely obvious just how much of an influence he has on some of the Devendra Banhart tracks that he's been involved with. The entire album is beautiful and calming and a breath of fresh air amidst all the Mumford and Sons bullshit bandwagon that everyone has been jumping on. Check out the track below and stream his entire album, CAVALO, here if you dig this ditty.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Keep Shelly in Athens at Casbah!

This Sunday Keep Shelly in Athens will be grasping us all in their melodic grip of mantra like synths and electronic haziness. The Greece native duo will be entrancing us all into a night of endless head bobbing and shoulder swaying. I for one will be in a hoodie, absorbing the beat and moving my feet. The whole night should be pretty awesome considering they're playing with Chad Valley so prepare to sway your asses off for the entire night. Grab tickets here and I'll see you kids at the show.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cut Copy "We Are Explorers"

The new Cut Copy album, Free Your Mind, drops in the states on the 5th of  November. Judging by this new track it appears that Cut Copy is still one of the only bands around who have perfected creating the audible equivalent of an industrial sized confetti cannon. Kinda wish I had some neon face paint and a black light right about now, not gonna lie.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arcade Fire - "Here Comes the Night Time" (Hilarious half hour album teaser episode)

After SNL last night, Arcade Fire aired their half hour teaser episode to promote the upcoming album. I've gotta say it's got me pretty excited for the new tunes. The whole episode is featured around a night club dance party making it pretty obvious, as if we all didn't see it coming after the announcement of James Murphy's involvement, that we should be expecting a shit load of epic dance tracks on the new full length. The Show is littered with hilarious cameos from the likes of; Michael Cera, Bill Hader, and many more including a scene where frontman Edwin Butler pushes Bono off stage which made me pretty happy. I always enjoy a good Bono joke. I fucking hate that guy. (Also I predict that we will be seeing these cats at Coachella this year. Which should be a good starting position for Golden Voice to redeem themselves for forcing us to sit through Phoenix's shitty ass set last year.)  Enjoy!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Captured Tracks - Special Days (Mini Documentary)

I've been waiting for this Documentary to drop for a while now. Captured Tracks is one of my favorite record labels of all time. Mike Sniper is saving and reshaping the music scene as we speak. Most small labels find it their duty to locate up-and-coming bands to put them in the spot light only to get them thrown into massive tours where they get a taste of their original goals only to be chewed up and spit onto the curb. Fading away in their second release and soon to be forgotten all together. Captured Tracks is unique in their practices. Once signed they tend to believe in a band past their first release and are constantly growing because of this. If a band is outgrowing the label then the only option is for them to grow big enough to contain that band. With this process a band can feel safe and continue to grow in a creative environment. It's labels that have this mindset that will continue to help put to bed archaic uncreative money hungry labels such as Capitol. If you want to feel good about music again then watch this. Also Mac Demarco is fucking hilarious throughout the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chuuwee - "K.I.L.L. People" (Video)

Just a few months ago I was informed that my favorite Sac-town rapper moved less than a mile away from my house. Let's just say that BRUIN has been making beats on overload trying to throw this kid a track. Right when I thought the neighborhood was gettin' too soft with all these pussy cocktail bars and weak ass vintage stores, it was a relief to hear that this crazy ass mother fucker moved into town to smear some grime back into the hood. Welcome to North Park kid, do your worst.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Earl Sweatshirt "Sunday" (ft. Frank Ocean)

It's an understatement to say that Odd Future has been a huge game changer in the rap scene. From the beginning these kids blew up the hip-hop world with an attitude driven by complete mayhem. Striking terror into the hearts of middle class parents everywhere who found a copy of the "OF vol. 2" album in their CD player. Cluing them into the fact that their children had stolen their mini van the night before. Only to pound forties in a high school parking lot and drown their sorrows in Tyler's unbelievably layered beats. Now that some time has passed and we have been able learn the three dimensional characteristics in each member of this gang of hard hitting, angst ridden, lyricist. Over the last year I have had a special place in my heart for the painful lyrics that Earl threads through oddly timed syncopated beats such as this one. It's hard to pull off "the sad kid" without looking like a pussy, especially in hip-hop, but the sweatshirt seems to get stronger in his grief. I find myself putting this track on repeat in the late hours of the night, when I feel the need to stroll through my neighborhood, alone, to mull over "the big picture." Listen carefully, this kid is a genius and being backed by Frank on this track, it's nothing shy perfection. Not to mention that I've been waiting for Frank to spit rhymes again. It's a nice change up from his R&B role that he usually plays in the crew. Enjoy.
"Click the link below they got this track on lock down"

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Black Delta "Money Rain Down" (Video)

I opened my inbox this morning to find this little gem waiting for me. This song has lightened the intense weight of my whiskey induced hangover that I've been enduring throughout the day. The bright and carefree tempo that pulses through this tune has a way of uplifting anyone's spirits. I've had it on repeat for the last couple hours so I'm pretty sure I'm a fan. Oh yeah and the video is pretty fun too. It's filled with camera trickery and back-flips. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach House "Irene" (Video)

So this video was put up back in February but I find myself going back to it almost two to three times a day. It's nothing short of amazing. The repetitive keyboard that echos through the entire song, but is most notable between the 3:20-4:30 marker, is beyond haunting. Once that guitar starts tearing through you like a fucking hack saw it's kind of hard not to start ripping all the shit off the walls and starting a bonfire in your living room.... I've listened to this version of the song four times today. So, needless to say I'm covered in war paint and my fire alarm has been blaring for the last 30 minutes. Listen with caution.

PS this is only one portion of a complete, beautifully executed, half hour performance, titled "Forever Still", that I highly suggest you watch here. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

DIIV "Dust" (rough idea demo)

The fact that this song isn't even finished being written makes me pretty excited. This Jam has more hooks than a fucking tackle box. press play and get this little ditty stuck in your head. Then go Skateboarding.... It's international skateboarding day!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Andrew W.K. Drumming for 24 hrs. straight!!! Catch the last 4 hrs. here streaming!

OK so I watched a little bit of this before I went to bed and homeboy was straight shredding on the skins. Now our hero is pumping out some sad shit. I'm convinced he's drumming in his sleep. Seriously this is pretty awesome though. If one dewd knows how to party it's this guy. peep the madness below. Plus he's got some special guests to help sub him out for some 2 minute breaks. Some real classics including Marky Ramone, Liberty DeVitto, Chad Smith, Nick Jonas and Zac Hanson.

Get More: O Music Awards

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Coathangers "Derek's Song" (Video)

Peep the new Coathangers video, shits pretty dope. The keys in this song are stellar. These skanks know how to party btw. This video should be labeled as a documentary. I've definitely come out of my bathroom to these chicks blowing lines in my living room after a bitchen' show at Soda Bar.... Party on Wayne.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Local Natives "You & I" (Video)

The New Local Natives video released today and it's one of the most incredible videos I've ever seen. It deals with how the world would react if the last dog on earth passed away and one dudes mission to find more puppies...... All in all it's fucking amazing. Oh yeah and it's a total plus that it's to one of my favorite songs off that new album. Grab some tissues lady's.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pure X "Thousand year old child" (Video)

This is one of the best Pure X songs off that new album Crawling Up The Stairs. I'm stoked they made a video for it and I'm even more amped that they got a dewd who looks like an even older version of William H. Macy to play the lead. I love how it starts out with a straight up repetitive acoustic strum and then out of nowhere a hazy flood of distorted electric guitars pour in. This band is what "it" is all about. 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra "(Sittin' on) The dock of the bay" (Otis Redding Cover)

This is a pretty badass cover. U.M.O. did a pretty good job of being true to this untouchable classic groove. All the while still giving it their fuzzy warm instrumentation's. All in all it's about as good as you can get trying to cover one of the best songs ever written. Not gonna lie though, they should have replaced the whistles with a  loopy ass guitar solo. Ain't no one can whistle like my man Otis, hommie's untouchable to petty much everyone outside of Andrew Bird.

Alpine "Lovers 1"

I can't tear myself away from this track. I've made it pretty obvious in previous posts about how big of an obsession I have with the female voice being used solely as an instrument. The harmonies that scatter over these beautifully spastic guitar rhythms match perfectly with the bass line that creeps in from the back end of the intro. It's something to be noticed. Enjoy dewds.... Also, sorry I haven't been posting, I've been stuck on my own musical ventures but I will be making more time again to blast all the tunes I can get my hands on. Love Dom

Monday, February 4, 2013

Coachella 2013 Mix-Tape

At first glance this years Coachella lineup looks as if someones drunk 90's obsessed uncle got to pick his dream dream concert. Leaving the rest of us to wallow in a sea of ripped jeans and faggy angst ridden lyrics. But at a closer look there's actually quite a bit to get excited about. Bellow is my playlist, which is a solid argument as to why this year, aside from most of the headliners, might be one of the better years. enjoy!

Download here

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Benoit & Sergio - "New Ships"

My obsession with this song has grown to an out of this world sized proportion. It's incredibly dance-y. Most importantly there is a sad layer of electronics that strikes out into a level of realness. This song makes me feel like it's OK to feel a cloud of misery as long as you keep shaking it all off. Shuck and jive, shuck and jive.