Saturday, September 21, 2013

Captured Tracks - Special Days (Mini Documentary)

I've been waiting for this Documentary to drop for a while now. Captured Tracks is one of my favorite record labels of all time. Mike Sniper is saving and reshaping the music scene as we speak. Most small labels find it their duty to locate up-and-coming bands to put them in the spot light only to get them thrown into massive tours where they get a taste of their original goals only to be chewed up and spit onto the curb. Fading away in their second release and soon to be forgotten all together. Captured Tracks is unique in their practices. Once signed they tend to believe in a band past their first release and are constantly growing because of this. If a band is outgrowing the label then the only option is for them to grow big enough to contain that band. With this process a band can feel safe and continue to grow in a creative environment. It's labels that have this mindset that will continue to help put to bed archaic uncreative money hungry labels such as Capitol. If you want to feel good about music again then watch this. Also Mac Demarco is fucking hilarious throughout the whole thing.

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