Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mount Eerie

A little over a week ago Phil Elverum released Song Island Vol. 2. A compilation of some of his better works that were woven together over the past 8 years. It spans 31 songs long but if for some reason your ears have never been blessed by the musical presence of Phil's projects, either The Microphones or Mount Eerie, this would be a spectacular way to catch up. Here's a few teasers.

I Whale

Give totally up

O My Heart

Saturday, October 30, 2010

La Sera

La Sera's new video for Never come around is pretty effed up and I thought it might be good for Halloween. This chick is off her rocker, bitches give stitches, but even so I still kinda want to get all up on her shit...... Oh well. Wait till the end it's super comedy. Happy Halloween see you kids at soda bar!!!!!

La Sera - Never Come Around from Brady Hall on Vimeo.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Roxy Jones

Last night, at Soda Bar, Roxy Jones had their album release show for Lullabies and Warcries. Needless to say,the show was poppin off like Orville Redenbacher. Below is some footage that I shot of these dudes killin it on stage. I'd also like to note that Peter Graves is the king of on stage banter, seriously it's my favorite. Enjoy!

Atom Bomb Singalong


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Roxy Jones/Mrs. Magician

The next couple of days are good vibes for the San Diego music scene. Tomorrow is the release of Lullabies and Warcries, the new album from one of my favorite local bands, Roxy Jones. The following day Mrs. Magician releases their new 7" and will be playing a show with Jail Weddings. Come out and rock your dick off like little Sebastian here.

Roxy Jones: 10/28 @ the soda bar
Mrs. Magician 10/29 @the soda bar

Roxy Jones Speedway

Mrs. Magician: there is no god there is no god by mrsmagician

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Aloe Blacc

The Take Away Shows crew is always good about shooting raw, in the moment, performances but this one in particular stands out. Aloe's first song in the video Hey brother is pretty rad but it's definitely the second jam that gave me chills. Sitting in the middle of a lively cafe, the faint sound of snaps and foot taps can be heard until all is silent and the rooms attention is brought to the center table where Aloe begins to sing his soulful hit I Need a Dollar. This guy is nothing but goodness.

Aloe Blacc | I Need A Dollar | A Take Away Show - Part 1 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Phillip Oskar Augustine

All Manson facial features aside this guy rocks my lobes in a serious way. The new video seems a little like a low budget acid trip coupled with being up front at an Earthless show, but what the hell, this song is mellow in a huge way. It kinda makes me wanna drive in the mountains. Here it is Leopard Thighs

Phillip Oskar Augustine - "Leopard Thighs" from Jordan Bee on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hundred in the hands

I'm a pretty big sucker for anything that involves stop-motion filming, especially when the subject matter has a slight hint of sex and insanity. With a constant fluctuation in the structural integrity within all of the perceived objects, this video sends the viewer into an unstable yet beautiful environment filled with uncertainty. Not to mention Eleanore Everdell's voice reminds me of Kate Bush which is like totally a one way ticket to boner city. Anyways Here's the new video for Commotion

Commotion - The Hundred in the Hands from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Asa's new video for, Be my man, is pretty rad. Peep the bartenders ridiculously dope mop. I'd let that guy get me wasted on the reg if he was shakin my drinks with all that steez. Plus check out the Archie Bunker lookin motha fucka in the bow-tie. Towards the end of the video he starts rockin the church clap and that shit's hella comedy!

Kevin Greenspon/Cloud Nothings

So a little over a week ago I posted the new Cloud Nothings video and a few days later I got an email from this rad kid in LA who runs Bridgetown Records. His name is Kevin Greenspon and he informed me that he recently released a split album featuring his work along with the musical sty-lings of The Cloud Nothings. The album can be found here for a measly 8 beans. This kid runs the whole operation himself so help out if you dig the vibe. Below are a couple of tracks from the album, so check out the tasty jams.

Kevin Greenspon Carpool Pepsi
Cloud Nothings I Apologize

PS He'll be in the San Diego area on December 11th playing some of his more ambient style tracks at the Tin Can Ale House so check him out.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scout Niblett

Scout Niblett played tonight at soda bar and it was amazing. I've been trying to see her for years and it was worth the wait.... When I screamed out a request for her to perform the song 12 miles she said she forgot how to play it, which was definitely a moment of zen for me. The person who wrote one of the most important songs ever, pertaining to the later portions of my formative years, forgot how to play it...... That is fucking awesome. She did play this song, which I don't know the name of but managed to catch on video and it's super bad-ass. Plus here's 12 miles cause it rules!!!

Scout Niblett 12 miles

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maxence Cyrin

Tonight was awesome. I went to the movies under the impression that I was going to see a mildly entertaining movie and was proven dead wrong. It's kind of a funny story, is great, anyone who feels less than adequate more than half the time should see it........ So pretty much everyone should see it. I almost lost it when this remake of, The Pixies, where is my mind, came out of nowhere. After doing some quick research I found that Maxence Cyrin has quite a few, out of this world, remakes. One of which is The Arcade Fire's, No Cars Go. Both of these painfully beautiful songs can be heard below. Pay attention to how long he holds those first notes in the Pixies remake, it hurts.

Maxence Cyrin Where is my mind

Maxence Cyrin No Cars Go

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've been throwing "When I got high with you" into my daily mix for a few months now. It's good to see that the new video is so stony and isolated. I dig the pseudo James Dean, cool guy, rockin a popped collar too.... But Let's be honest the video doesn't even hold a candle to their album cover for Babes Forever. Which can be downloaded for free, from the band to you, here. I mean as far as album covers go this shits on another planet........ A planet filled with skateboarding super hotties with well manicured bush...... Umm if you'll excuse me I must board the next available space shuttle before it departs.

When I got High with You

Coolrunnings - When I got high with you from Panaframe on Vimeo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cloud Nothings

OK so these dudes played the soda bar last night and for some retarded reason they opened, thus I missed it, but it's OK cause videos like this exist. Director Allen Cordell expresses a full range of "Nerd Power!!!" in this bad-ass new video for the cloud nothings amazing hit "Hey cool kid". Watch for the fat dude in the aloha shirt loosing his shit next to the hilarious black kid in the purple shirt.... Definitely a highlight for me.

Cloud Nothings - Hey Cool Kid from Allen Cordell on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beach Fossils

Gawd damn it... I kinda wish these doods would stop making so many badass songs so I wouldn't have to vocalize how huge my music boner is for them all the damn time (it's startin to get a lil embarrassing). It doesn't help that they added a female back up vocalist on this track either (My ultimate kryptonite)... Anyways, it's totally noticeable that this track is kind of a downer, but what the fuck ever, so am I..... I love it. I mean shit you can only make so many awesome "feel good" songs... It's about time that we see a real human sadness behind this amazing sound. If you haven't caught the bug yet download a portion of their only album here . Anyways here's the new tune let it seep in. I'm sure it'll feel familiar no matter who you are...

Beach Fossils
Face It

Friday, October 8, 2010

Crystal Castles

According to Alice Glass "This is your baptism"........ Ummmmm if my baptism was half this sexy and badass things would have been a lil different in my upbringing..... I mean can you even imagine how dope that would be? Just some hottie dancing around you screaming that it was your baptism while some asshole plays the drums with a Muppet mask on and all the while a house is burning down behind you. That's metal, it's beyond metal, it's like super hella crazy metal........ It's also why things like child-services exist.
anywoooo peep the new footy.


Tape Deck Mountain

Earlier in the week Daytrotter released a new session of, San Diego's, Tape Deck Mountain. Here's a super dope track that has yet to be released on an album. The rest of the session can be heard here.
Catch these dudes before they take off to New York for CMJ, at the Tin Can Ale house on rOcktober 15th!!!

An Airbag Failed To Save My Life

Thursday, October 7, 2010


In celebration of one of my favorite up and coming bands finally getting signed. Here is some recent live footage of Tennis, preforming their hit Marathon......... Apparently, "sailing at night is exactly like being in outer space"......... Wait a second Alaina, when the hell did you go to outer space?........ LUCKY!!!!!

(Here's a download of the studio version)Tennis Marathon

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Aside from sampling the voices of a couple of pussy ass little kids, who are in serious need of a good ass kickin, this song is perfect for this dreary day. Drummer Nicholas Shapiro's solo project, Dusk Warrior, is pretty dope on a rope. A Wild Sky, in particular, makes me wanna go on a long walk in the rain with a shotgun in one hand and a leashed wolf in the other. Stopping all acts of injustice along the way........ Whatever I read a shit load of comic books lay off me

A Wild Sky (right click to download track)

Morning Benders

These Dudes have been hard at work. A few days ago they released a live video, of an unreleased/never before played song called, Virgins, for La blogotheque. And just yesterday they unleashed this cover of Bob Dylan's, Outlaw Blues. Take a listen and peep the video, it's hella dope.

Outlaw Blues (right click to download track)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reggie Watts

I find it very hard to believe that there aren't dozens of smokin hot babes just kickin it in Mr. Watts mess of hair like it's their full time job. When your only instrument is your voice and your pumpin out jams like this, females start gettin a little crazy in the pants, if ya know what I mean. All I'm tryin to say, ladies, is that I hope you got an extra pair of panties layin around, cause after you hit that play button shit might get a little weird..... Like Neve Campbell and Denise Richards in Wild things weird...... Like totally awesome weird.

and just for fun here's one of the most badass song/videos ever by Reggie himself

Friday, October 1, 2010

FAMUEL Remix!!!!!!!!!!

SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to stomp my house into the ground over here. I just stumbled on FAMUEL's remix of Lil Wayne's Stuntin like my daddy' from earlier this summer and I'm finding it hard to not impregnate all of San Diego with my 2-step. YA HEARD!!!!