Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Gaslamp Killer "Seven Years of bad luck for fun" (feat. Dimlit)

San Diego producer "The Gaslamp Killer" finally slipped a little sneak peak from his new EP that's scheduled to drop any day now. This track is all over the place. It's no surprise that homeboy looks to Flying Lotus as some sort of sensei. With subtle dubstep drops in between jazzy outlets this jam only makes me more on the edge of my seat to see what kind of ruckus that this kids EP is gonna bring.

The Gaslamp Killer Seven years of bad luck for fun

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nakne "Strings"

Nakne, is the solo project from one of my favorite bloggers over at I don't like your tunes. This track "Strings" buries itself into your head. with it's very melodic tones that bleed into a heavy dream like state. I have a feeling that this track will be making it's way into my DJ sets for the next couple weeks. download the track for free here off the split EP he did with Khotin.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Major Lazer "Get Free" (video) Amazing!!!!!

This is for sure my favorite song of the summer. It's been ringing in the back of my mind ever since the first time I heard it, and to be honest the song seems so primal that I feel like some form of it has always been there. I've been waiting for a video and a few days ago this came out. It's amazing, it's a huge kick in the face that reminds me how awesome it is to be somewhere else that isn't your home. Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors) is in it for a second and her beautiful angelic voice hovers in and out of the entire track. Oh yeah and Diplo is in there too bangin' them beats. Anyways peep the goods below and then book a ticket as far away from home as possible, that's what I plan on doing.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Washed Out "A dedication" -Video-

This is definitely one of my favorite Washed Out songs. With it's nostalgic melancholy tonal structure and layers of warm sadness. I never thought that they would make a video for this, but to be honest after watching it I can't believe it didn't come out sooner. It's shot beautifully and makes me want to stumble upon an abandoned cabin with a beautiful girl. It also makes me home sick, which is nice.