Sunday, September 29, 2013

Arcade Fire - "Here Comes the Night Time" (Hilarious half hour album teaser episode)

After SNL last night, Arcade Fire aired their half hour teaser episode to promote the upcoming album. I've gotta say it's got me pretty excited for the new tunes. The whole episode is featured around a night club dance party making it pretty obvious, as if we all didn't see it coming after the announcement of James Murphy's involvement, that we should be expecting a shit load of epic dance tracks on the new full length. The Show is littered with hilarious cameos from the likes of; Michael Cera, Bill Hader, and many more including a scene where frontman Edwin Butler pushes Bono off stage which made me pretty happy. I always enjoy a good Bono joke. I fucking hate that guy. (Also I predict that we will be seeing these cats at Coachella this year. Which should be a good starting position for Golden Voice to redeem themselves for forcing us to sit through Phoenix's shitty ass set last year.)  Enjoy!

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