Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach House "Irene" (Video)

So this video was put up back in February but I find myself going back to it almost two to three times a day. It's nothing short of amazing. The repetitive keyboard that echos through the entire song, but is most notable between the 3:20-4:30 marker, is beyond haunting. Once that guitar starts tearing through you like a fucking hack saw it's kind of hard not to start ripping all the shit off the walls and starting a bonfire in your living room.... I've listened to this version of the song four times today. So, needless to say I'm covered in war paint and my fire alarm has been blaring for the last 30 minutes. Listen with caution.

PS this is only one portion of a complete, beautifully executed, half hour performance, titled "Forever Still", that I highly suggest you watch here. 

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