Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LCD Soundsystem (Final Performance in it's entirety)

To say that I idolize James Murphy, from LCD, would be an understatement. No questions asked, he is music and sound and feelings and life to it's fullest. The older subject matter that he presents, coupled with the pain that comes with wanting to be the guy who dances through life, all shines throughout everything that is presented within this band. It's rare for me to be so enamored by one person. I feel like he is this aged wizard who understands that the meaning of life is that you really will never understand life in it's entirety. He is the quintessential aged hipster, he's there, where we all want to be, and he's not afraid to say that he's still trying to figure it out. I could sit here and tell you about how impressive it was that LCD had Reggie Watts show up after the first encore of their final show, and how the Arcade Fire was there playing along side with the band, but the truth of the matter is that if this was a stripped down acoustic set it would have been just as great. The reality of this situation is that this band represents what music is and should be; Constantly expressing the pains and joys that exist in ones life to the truest form....... Note : the sniffles that occur during the last song. This performance may teeter on the heavier side of three hours but I promise that if you watch it in it's entirety you might understand why people get so obsessed with music to the point that the obsession resembles an infection. A point where the necessity of sound is more important than most other things, outside of love, because music is love. Also, aside from LCD's last performance of all time I included a James Murphy interview that I refer back to at least once a month to reassure myself that the ones who really get it, never allow themselves to get it until they become it............
PS. There is a rumor that this video will be removed soon. So if it's not here when you try to watch it I'm really sorry but at the very least check out the interview, it's beyond enlightening.
Thanks to Cory over at Wizard Pleasure for sending me this.
Big Love

Link to epic James Murphy interview:

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