Sunday, April 10, 2011

Funeral Party - NYC Moves to the sound of LA (Video)

So the other day I cruised into Soda Bar to peep this band that I wasn't all that stoked to go see. I decided to go on a short NON-drinking binge, which is about as fun as..... well it's about as fun as some shit that frankly just really isn't all that fun. So needless to say I wasn't all that thrilled to go watch some asshole band that I've only heard of because they were on Jimmy "suck-dick" Kimmel a few nights earlier. Let's just say that two songs into it I was acting like the drunkest Mormon chick that you ever went to highschool with, I was three seconds away from throwing my panties on stage and flashing my dude-tits for the whole bar to see. These little Mexican skate rats know how to bring the mother fucking noise. I mean they have all the demeanor of a hardcore pop-punk band and the right state of mind to know that that shit is dead, and if you're gonna make that type of music you better be playing some whacked out instruments and have a pretty good sense of humor. Anywho below is their video for "NYC Moves to the sound of LA" it's pretty great.

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