Saturday, January 8, 2011

Foster the people

So today was definitely one of those days where it seemed like the whole world was trying to fuck with me. I've been eating nothing but rabbit food for the last four days, I got a parking ticket for parking at my own G.D. house, and I got stuck at work for an extra hour and a half cause some shitty business dudes thought that it'd be a brilliant fucking idea to have a work meeting in my restaurant, even though they had been the last table served for over an hour. But, I must say, that when my good friend Peter Graves shot me a text saying that Foster the People were playing the Soda Bar tonight all my rage and self pity, faded away. I got some super shotty footage of these dudes having a blast on stage plus there's an MP3 of the song down there if you wanna download the studio version. Enjoy!

Foster the People Pumped up kicks

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