Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ducktails (Killin the vibe)

Wow this new Ducktails track has been penetrating my subconscious all morning. I feel like if Jeff Spicoli went on a spiritual vision quest that this would be his mantra. Plus the guitar track that resonates throughout is making me wish my wetsuit wasn't ripped in half cause it's jams like these that get me all pumped to charge some barrels!

Ducktails Killin the Vibe


  1. "Dominic over at This Moving Picture and I both made unrelated, out-of-date Jeff Spicoli references on the same day, his about Ducktails, mine about La Femme. That's a bizarre enough coincidence to make this list."


  2. Uh-uh...2 people referencing a 30-year-old movie with zero irony from different continents on the same day...that could be the best.
    This track comes close, though.