Saturday, February 6, 2016

Living Hours "Summer Smog" Also new album out on February 19th

Is it possible to have a midlife crisis at 32? I guess it's probably better to get it out of the way now instead of when I become the CEO of a toilet paper company. A toilet paper company where I would park my obtrusive SUV in the front lot, in a spot that is painted in perfect block font "MR. Fawcett". Where I would leave said spot to drive to my slightly impressive track home in the La Jolla Hills. And, it is there that I would silently drink Lynchburg lemonade in my "study" whilst my 2-3 shit head kids would proceed to ruin the small ass wipe empire that I have built for them.
Anyways, I just got sent a private link to the Living Hours new album from Force Field PR. Honestly, the second I pressed play it reminded me that being a bartender who plays in a band that only my friends like and writes a shitty blog for solely cathartic purposes is infinitely better than what I'm "Supposed" to be doing with my life. 
The album  come's out on February 19th and it's fucking amazing. Like for real, be on the lookout. I'm speechless. Here's the opening track. The OPENING track people! Who starts a fucking album this epic?!  I wish I could post the whole album because it's damn near perfect. Oh and also, They play the Casbah on April 8th. So don't fuck it up, and make sure you get there. Cause for real, shit's next level. 
Also, I love you mom.

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