Friday, February 26, 2016

Coachella 2016 playlist (brace yourselves, this year is about to pop the fuck off)

For those of you who know me you know that Coachella is the only thing I can talk about for around 3 months of the year. The second that line-up drops it consists of about 80% of all the conversations that I have. And trust me, I'm well aware that it's annoying. I know that I sound like a dying steam punk that can only talk about burning man who wears an old stovepipe hat and rides a bicycle that has glow-sticks for handlebars and a neon couch cushion for a seat, but honestly, I can't fucking help it. All I give a fuck about is music. These 3 days make up for every time I've ever zipped my pants too fast and caught one of my balls. It makes up for the well over 3000 Adios mother fuckers that I've poured for a sea of retards. It makes up for every car accident, every break-up and every hangover I've ever had. Some people have mass (boring) I have three days in the desert with a satchel of magic goombas accompanied by every band I could ever wanna see, aside from Kendrick (How the fuck did we not get Kendrick this year?). That being said I've spent the last 5 days compiling a playlist that spans 74 songs long, that's four hours and fifty one minutes to be exact, of every band that I think that I might wanna see without a single repeat. Not a single band is represented on this list more than once. Honestly this playlist is designed for two reasons 1: to make everyone who is going realize just how mother fucking dope this year is gonna be and 2: to make everyone else who isn't going suffer from the most jealous rage that one could ever endure. This year is gonna be so fucking good that I'm afraid that after the weekend is over I will never have a good time again for the rest of my life because nothing will compare to the line-up that we are dealing with this year. Press play, I fucking dare you. Seriously though, press play, I spent like 20 hours making this thing......

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