Saturday, March 7, 2009

One year in three days

On the fifth we took a 5 hr. bus ride from Cuzco to santa maria. I wrote a poem.

On a bus in the middle of everywhere
The distance between my mind and the vastness that is the universe
is becoming smaller and smaller.
I have come to belive that soon enough
my thoughts will leave my brain towards the stars
and instantly manifest
before my eyes.

We went on this trek through the Andies with these Argentinian kids and some kids from Main with no guide, down a road that was closed, for I think over a year, due to landslides. When we asked the best way to start this trail all the locals looked at us like we were nuts. Around an hour into it we had to climb over land slide debree near the edge of the biggest cliff I´d ever seen. One land slide was so bad that while scaling (with no rope) a piece of the rock broke from under my foot and I almost lost my footing and grip. Then I froze up and kinda freaked and Natalie had to talk me through it which was demasculating to say the least haha. Once we all reached the other side we were all on this lifetime high and had shared this new conection that only happens, I presume, in situations such as that. As if it weren´t beautiful enough now we were all humbled due to the fear that had shot through us from such a scary task. It got so dark that once we hit the main road our frinds talked to a guy in this army looking truck and he let us hitch it to the next town. The first night we crashed in tents in a small town that was called Santa Teresa then we hiked through the jungle on railroad tracks all the way to aquas calliente which is the base of Machu Picchu. We stayed at a hotel for 12.5 soles each, roughly $4 us dollars. All of us went out to eat then got some beers and hung out in one of our rooms and drank and played the most complicated Argentinian card game of all time. We woke up at like 4 am and started hiking up the mountain to Machu Picchu .The stars were so bright it was completely unbelievable. The mountains around here are rediculous. When we hiked up towards the expiered Inca village, about half way up, we were above the clouds, the first time I´ve experienced that out side a plane. It was too much. When we got to Machu Piccu I seriously couldn´t speak for the first couple seconds. I have never seen anything that amazing. Plus all the treking and risks we took to get there made it even more worth it. All in all it was more than an enlightening experience. I am thankful for the other worlds that I am becoming exposed too and thankful that things bigger than myself and my thoughts exist too make me feel one with this feeling of the need to see more that I´ve had since before I can remember.
PS I´ll post pics later the internet is horrible in this town.


  1. The ocean of clouds is a pretty daily thing this time of year where I live (in Idyllwild). Still, I can't fully imagine what it would be like there... I'm so happy for you guys.
    thanks for sharing the adventures :)

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  3. Dom, your words do the trek justice....keeps me flowin' like I was right there with you. P.S. Did you teach those kids how to play hold-em? Cheers, William