Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cuzco´s rad

So the bus ride was nuts but we did get to watch explorers (with a young Ethan hawk and Rivers Phoenix and three kings which was sweet and we met these kids from Main who ended up staying in the same hostel as us called Loki which is awsome. There´s way more people here and last night we went to this bar that had a peruvian band. They covered R.E.M. and Sublime in half english half spanish and they looked like they were 16 but they ripped on their instruments. Tomarrow Natalie and I and those kids we met from the bus are gonna hike a trail thru the jungle and camp out. Then were gonna hike up to Machu Pichu. Should be rad. I´ll post more pics later.

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  1. so first of all, you're right about the dick boob light. cuz, hell, it's totally a dick boob. second, nice try, but the view from your window is obviously sooo fake. alright, whatevs, i'm just j. tell natalie hi for me!