Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Field Trip! (Boat Ghost and the Burning of Rome) TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

OK kiddies, this is it, time to rage cage like Elen Page.... Actually we'll prolly party a lil harder than that chick. Anywho' get your booty-holes over to the Bluefoot for a pre-party with Joe-mama on the one's and two's. Then catch the bus down to Analog to watch Boat Ghost and The Burning of Rome shred your faces off whilst DJ Tomas K. Bohan spins out the good vibes between sets, and who knows maybe there'll be a surprise performance. I mean shit anything could happen. Then catch the bus back up the hill. K I'll see you kids tonight! And here's a little teaser of Burning for ya..... Oh yeah and dibbs on the keyboard player she's hawt stuff.

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