Friday, February 18, 2011

Odd Future - Sandwiches (Live on Jimmy Fallon)

Holy shit, god damn!!! I can't even believe how fucking crazy this shit is. This is by far the best debut live appearance I've ever seen in my whole fucking life, that includes all genres of music, not just hip-hop. At first glance I was like, "great is this a new ICP cover band?" But then like six seconds into the video I was loosing my shit. First off, if you're gonna have a late night show be your first TV performance then Jimmy is the place to be. I mean the masks, the fog machines, all that shit is dope but god damn-it wait till the 2:15 marker when hommie rips off his mask and starts going nutty on stage. Prolly one of the most hilarious things is how freaked out that pasty red-head gets when the mic gets shoved in her face, but it's not nearly as comedy as when Mos Def starts screaming like a seven year old catholic school girl with a skinned knee straight into the camera after the performance...... I mean fuck, how dope can these kids be to have Mos Def going crazy like that?!?!?!?! It's Mos Def!!! He's like 1/2 of blackstar! Whatever just watch the fucking video, and more than once, cause it's worth it!!!!!
Oh yeah I almost forgot, thanks to Tommy B. for showing me this shit and thanks to Corey Casey for showing Tommy B. Check out their blogs too, by clicking here and here, cause they're kinda hella dope!

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